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Re: Service update: Lenny, Sarge

Hi there,

On Wednesday 13 February 2008 20:55, Andreas Barth wrote:
> As to Sarge, we got a few requests to still publish clamav for Sarge -
> and as we value our users, we decided to do so.
> We however want to still encourage people to upgrade to Etch, also
> security support is going to end soonish, and we don't promise to update
> clamav another time - we will decide this when it is necessary to
> decide, and we know how much effort it will be. As the sarge volatile
> key expired quite some time ago, we decided to use the etch key for now.

many thanks! We also have (unfortunately) dozens of sarge systems, where we 
run clam. We know, we will end up soon without (security-) support, but there 
are a couple of showstopper for etch on these systems.

With kind regards, Jan.
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