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Re: Service update: Lenny, Sarge

On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Andreas Barth wrote:
> we just added a Lenny suite. That doesn't mean that we will publish
> programms for Lenny soon (we consider only packages that cannot go to
> Lenny due to the freeze as possible candidates, and as Lenny isn't
> frozen at all yet, we have an empty candidate list by definition). This
> will however allow to add volatile to installers, etc and test it.

Note that the installer already has support for volatile, but that this will 
only be selectable when lenny has become stable.
However, the functionality _has_ already been tested by installing Etch 
using the lenny installer (and it works perfectly).

In fact, this will be one of the "features" of the Etch+1/2 installer.


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