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Re: volatile.debian.org: Does Debian still support it?

2007/9/26, Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de>:
> > I think we could communicate better if you read the patch, not just
> > statistics about it. By the way, the patch itself does not contain the
> > real source data - the Olson database. I understand that it might be
> will that cause dfsg problems?

Not at all. The packages was built with pbuilder. It still is not
fully understandable, so I'll try explain:

olson db = tzdata source package upstream

olson db + time zone compiler (zic) = tzdata binary package

olson db + parse_olsen translator = DateTime::TimeZone official CPAN
source package = Debian source package

Debian source package + pbuilder = Debian binary package

The Debian source package is based on official CPAN package and
contains already parsed database which is provided by original author.

I did the same work as upstream author, so I called parse_olsen
translator and I've got the path for new Debian source package.

Of course it builds our Debian binary package correctly.

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