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Re: APT not using packages from volatile

(keeping this on list)

This one time, at band camp, Ben Torkington said:
> >  The numbers for the stable and security preferences are not at the
> default of 500, but I'm trying to figure out why.
> I followed a (really good) howto on debian-administration.org to set up
> a mailfilter, and don't remember it saying anything about
> apt/preferences, but here it is:
> ===
> maggie:/etc/apt# cat preferences
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=stable
> Pin-Priority: 600
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=testing
> Pin-Priority: 450
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=unstable
> Pin-Priority: 400
> ===
> Should there be a stanza in there for volatile?

Ouch.  It looks like someone has been fiddling with apt/preferences.
It's possible to do this sort of thing and get away with it, but I have
had to repair so many systems where this was the cause of major blow
ups that I don't like to recommend it in general.

If you don't need the unstable or testing packages, can you just comment
the whole thing out?  If you do really need them and know how to manage
the library problems that can (and will) happen with this sort of
arrangement, just set up the appropriate stanza for volatile.

Not trying to be mean, but if you're not sure of the right way forward,
I think you're best off not having unstable and testing in your sources
or preferences at all and just going with defaults.

Take care,
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