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Re: Iptables 64 Bits

I think Marcio is saying that he found this package in some random location on the net. Even so, Goswin is completely correct: the site simons-clan.com is passing about unaudited code without source in violation of the GPL.

Marcio, you probably should not use that code since it has no sources and you have no way of knowing if you have been rootkitted -- or worse. (WORSE!? ;-)) You definitely should run chkrootkit or some rootkit checkers on your system and treat it as suspect until you have some idea what's in that iptables package.

While any package has the capacity to be evil, iptables is a particular sensitive part of the system that can easily compromise your entire box, whether intentional or not.

(... all of which simply underscores the importance of Goswin's point.)

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

"Marcio Jacson dos Santos" <marcio@informatech.com.br> writes:


I had problem with iptables for processor 64bits, because
the version avaliable is gcc -m32, then I found the package
with gcc -m64 and works with my emt64 and amd64

That is a known issue caused by differences in alignment of C
structures in 32bit and 64bit code. The fix is to just install the
amd64 package manualy.

then my minimal contribuiton with the project is send the link


Debian sarge only supplies iptables as a 32-bit package, see bug:

package ok:


That is neigther legal nor usefull. You are violating the GPL by
providing a binary without source and that binary could contain
anything, from "rm -rf /" to a rootkit. You must always provide
source, for legal and auditing reasons.


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