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Re: Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

On 2023-05-05 15:04:27 +0200, zithro wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> journalctl after GUI LOGOFF
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> May 05 14:09:14 debzit sshd[14246]: Received disconnect from IP.IP.IP.IP
> port 38524:11: disconnected by user

"disconnected by user": Doesn't this mean that it is the client that
did the disconnection (for whatever reason)?

This is the message I observe when I disconnect the ssh session from
the client (with "~.") instead of terminating the program (e.g. shell)
on the server side.

> May 05 14:09:14 debzit sshd[14113]: Received disconnect from IP.IP.IP.IP
> port 38512:11: disconnected by user


Starting the ssh session with "ssh -vvv" might help to find the reason.

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