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AW: AW: AW: Was it a good idea to buy an Epson printer?

I don't know if you did anything wrong -- if your printer is an Epson with the
Ecotank feature, that may be exactly correct.  What did you expect?

Good afternoon
Thank You

The problem is
the printer is not printing.

Is this a better explanation?

I expext do use the working driver.


Von: rhkramer@gmail.com <rhkramer@gmail.com>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2023 13:08
An: Schwibinger Michael <hbss@hotmail.com>
Betreff: Re: AW: AW: Was it a good idea to buy an Epson printer?
Intentionally replying off list and top posting:

Are you a real (flesh and blood,  human) person or some kind of bot?

Are you making any progress in getting your problem(s) solved?

What is your native language?

I find your emails very hard to understand, and I'm quite sure others do as
well, so if you are a real person and really need nelp, you need to improve
your writing.

If there is a debian list in your native language, I suggest that you ask for
help there, in your native language.

If not, and you're not getting the help you need here but have nowhere else to
ask, you need to phrase your questions better.

If that is what you have to do, I suggest you start over, with a statement of
the current status of your problem and your overall objective.

My general understanding at this point is that you bought an Epson printer (of
a certain model number and it is either not working or not working the way you

Don't reply to me (I am not even close to being an expert in getting a printer
to run under Debian / Linux / cups), but start a new thread on the debian-user
list if that is what you need to do.

And, in future replies, pay attention to how other well formatted replies look
-- I've created an example below.

Good luck!

An example of replying (to your post).  First rule -- delete what is not
relevant to your reply -- note that I've delected the first two lines of your
reply (Good Morning, Thank You)

On Wednesday, May 03, 2023 05:31:02 AM Schwibinger Michael wrote:
> Print setting is saying:
> Epson Ecotank.
> What do I do wrong?

I don't know if you did anything wrong -- if your printer is an Epson with the
Ecotank feature, that may be exactly correct.  What did you expect?

Note that I deleted lots of old irrelevant stuff:

<lots of stuff you don't see because I deleted it>


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If someone has already responded to a question, decide whether any response
you add will be helpful or not ...

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Cicero who did not have enough time to write a short missive.)

A radio (or TV) station which broadcasts speakers with high pitched voices (or
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