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Re: WiFi Not Working After System Reinstallation

On 5/8/23 18:17, Lee wrote:
On 5/8/23, Marko Randjelovic<marko574@sbb.rs>  wrote:
Both systems are fully updated Bullseye on a laptop. I have two access
points, let's call them A and B. When I connect to A, DHCP does not
work. When I connect to B, DHCP works, laptop gets an IP address and
internet works without problems. On the other hand, my mobile phone
can successfully connect to both. Both APs have enabled DHCP server
and I made sure the IP ranges do not overlap.
Does access point A have mac-address security enabled?
OpenWRT calls it mac address filter and gives you the choice of
  - disabled    allows anyone to connect
  - allow listed only   list of mac addresses that are allowed to
connect to the AP
  - allow all except listed   why one would pick this instead of allow
listed only??

This option is disabled.

Does the AP have any logging that you could look at?  (dhcp)?diagnostics?


Hi Lee,

A has logging feature, B does not. I tried to connect several times to A, but nothing was logged. Then I changed to B, but at the first try also rising the interface failed and nothing was logged. Second attempt succeeded with the following logged:

Index      Time      Type      Level      Log Content
6    1st day 17:31:43    DHCP     NOTICE     DHCPS:Send NAK
5    1st day 17:31:43    DHCP     NOTICE     DHCPS:Wrong Server id or request an invalid ip 4    1st day 17:31:43    DHCP     NOTICE     DHCPS:Recv REQUEST from yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy 3    1st day 17:31:43    DHCP     NOTICE     DHCPS:Send OFFER with ip 2    1st day 17:31:42    DHCP     NOTICE     DHCPS:Recv DISCOVER from yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy
1    1st day 17:22:17    OTHER     INFO     User clear system log.


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