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Re: WiFi Not Working After System Reinstallation

On 5/8/23, Marko Randjelovic <marko574@sbb.rs> wrote:
> Both systems are fully updated Bullseye on a laptop. I have two access
> points, let's call them A and B. When I connect to A, DHCP does not
> work. When I connect to B, DHCP works, laptop gets an IP address and
> internet works without problems. On the other hand, my mobile phone
> can successfully connect to both. Both APs have enabled DHCP server
> and I made sure the IP ranges do not overlap.

Does access point A have mac-address security enabled?
OpenWRT calls it mac address filter and gives you the choice of
 - disabled    allows anyone to connect
 - allow listed only   list of mac addresses that are allowed to
connect to the AP
 - allow all except listed   why one would pick this instead of allow
listed only??

Does the AP have any logging that you could look at?  (dhcp)?diagnostics?


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