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Re: EPSON ET M 1120 new printer: If You can read this, you are using the wrong driver

On Sun 07 May 2023 at 20:27:53 +0000, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

I offer the following in the interest of correctness and just in case Schwibinger
Michael gets even more confused or disheartened and considers going away :).

> From looking on Epson's website:
> 1. They do not support this printer under Linux officially


Or, for a direct download

  https://download3.ebz.epson.net/dsc/f/03/00/14/48/15/1d37501ad39bd2b5753 \

> 2. The printer is listed as a printer supported only under Windows - lots
> of variants.

brian@test-new:~$ /usr/sbin/lpinfo -m | grep -i ET-M1120
escpr:0/cups/model/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/Epson-ET-M1120_Series-epson-escpr-en.ppd \
EPSON ET-M1120 Series , Epson Inkjet Printer Driver (ESC/P-R) for Linux


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