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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Sat May  6 21:11:09 2023 Alex King <alex@king.net.nz> wrote:

> Printing on Linux is poor.  CUPS is poor.  It doesn't work for some (a
> lot?) of people.
> I have a Brother HL-L2300D printer.  It is connected to my (Debian
> bullseye) workstation by USB.  I have CUPS installed.
> My printer prints sometime.  Other times, it spins up (makes a noise
> like it is about to start printing), but nothing comes out. I can't
> get any useful diagnostics to tell me where the problem might be.
> My parents, who live some distance away have an HP inkjet printer.
> It works sometimes.  Other times it doesn't.  I get it set up so it's
> working and it might work for a while, but it will stop working for
> no reason.


I've managed to get CUPS working reasonably well, although occasionally
I lose the ability to print.  Although I don't have a permanent fix,
going into CUPS by pointing a web browser at localhost:631, removing
the printer, and adding it back in gets things going again.  My printer
is connected via Ethernet; I suspect that power outages might cause
DHCP to give it a different IP address when it comes back up, and CUPS
gets confused.

Since you 're using a USB connection, this might not help you - but you
might try removing and re-adding the printer anyway.

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