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Re: Wi-Fi broken on Dell E6520, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 AGN, Debian 11.7 Xfce

On 5/4/23 19:52, David Christensen wrote:
That said, Wi-Fi does not work with my Ubuiquitti Networks UniFi setup -- it doesn't like the MAC address.

A further problem -- Debian is changing the MAC address of the Wi-Fi adapter ("MAC address spoofing", a security "feature") to MAC addresses that my networking equipment (Ubiquiti Networks UniFi) detects as invalid:

    "This field must be a valid MAC address"

The solution was to change the Wi-Fi settings in Debian:

    Xfce Panel
    -> right-click NetworkManager Applet
      -> Edit Connections
        -> wifi.tracy.holgerdanske.com
          -> gear (Edit the selected connection"
           -> Wi-Fi
             -> Cloned MAC Address -> Permanent.


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