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Re: Resolved (was: Re: OT: Using my (new) cable based ISP with their modem in bridge mode and my existing router)

rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> ...  Sometimes I feel 
> like an idiot.
> All seems well.


  i've had days like that...  glad you figured it out.

  completely OT from your issue, but today i finally upgraded
my stable partition from whatever it was on (last major update
was probably a year or more ago).

  glad to say that with a bit of heavy hammer hitting i got it
all to update and than as usual it did the os-prober at the
end which was ok, but since my /boot partition on that setup
did not have the right efi/EFI/<blahblah> it was not able to
immediately switch into my refind menu like i am used to doing
(because i did not install refind on my stable partition).
so of course i go off to do that and then at the end it asks
about putting stuff on my efi partition and i say yes and then
a second later i'm wondering if i just overwrote my refind
configuration file.  after a bit of nosing around i could
breath a bit better because no it did not destroy my config
so i was all set.  so you are not the only one here who can
mess up something.  :)


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