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Resolved (was: Re: OT: Using my (new) cable based ISP with their modem in bridge mode and my existing router)

Intentionally top posting:

Thanks to all who replied, I got the Arris DG2470A modem (/ router) working in 
bridge mode with my existing router (Ubiquiti Edge Router X).

I made a dumb mistake -- I had my router and another computer plugged into the 
Arris (I used the other computer to configure the Arris), and then I switched 
to bridge mode.  At least once I noticed that I could ping the Internet from 
that other computer, which meant that the Arris was in bridge mode, but that 
computer was using the Arris modem instead of my router.

Since then, I've done better -- e.g., configured the Arris to bridge mode, then 
powered down the Arris, unplugged that other computer, plugged in my Ubiquiti 
router and configured it to connect to the WAN by DHCP.

Aside: In my previous (DSL) installation, the modem was a modem only, and had 
only one place to connect an Ethernet cable.  With the Arris, being a router 
as well as a modem, it had 4 places to plug in an Ethernet cable, and, without 
thinking about it, I plugged in two devices (a computer and the Ubiquiti), 
but, in bridge mode, only one of those was going to work.  Sometimes I feel 
like an idiot.

All seems well.

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