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Re: repeat of previous question that has goneunansweredseveraltimes.

On 5/1/23 16:00, debian-user@howorth.org.uk wrote:
gene heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:

I'd think I could start by comparing cupsd.conf's, but miss And I
can't see the trees for all this forest in the way in both, but
missing is a client.conf. I think... But that is probably whats
wrong, me thinking.

Your directory listings showed that both had a ppd directory, but you
didn't show the content of those directories. Since your error message
was specifically that it couldn't find the PPD, the first thing I'd do
is compare those two directories.

The 1st armbian, bpi51, /etc/cups/ppd does contain the PDF generator PPD
The 4th one, bpi54 /etc/cups/ppd is empty. All were installed with the same bullseye 11.6 installer. The other two are presently powered down in the middle of building a quad of 3d printers around them.

I might be getting on in the middle of my 88th year here, but I can still carve useful things in OpenSCAD and in gcode. At the link in my sig you'll find a link to this machine, and in that link are some pix of what I'm doing. I wrote every byte of the gcode that carves those wooden screws in a couple of those pix.

Stronger by quite a bit than anything you can get from fleabay at any price.

Cheers, Gene Heskett.
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author, 1940)
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