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Re: VirtualBox Problem

On 7/18/21 3:00 AM, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
First off, let me say that I am not trying to start a war or nasty exchange4of insults.
That is really bad introduction like expecting Debian-user is place of war or nasty insult. We have CoC.

I am forced by circumstance to run a Linux program on my Windows 10 Laptop. In order to accomplish his I have installed Buster in a VirtualBox v-6.1. Although the AMD Rizen 5 CPU has eight threads, of which the VirtualBox only allows four of the threads to be used.
Hmm.. so your are using windows and want to have linux program running? I smell XYZ problem here. Read https://xyproblem.info , Can you be specific of what program you mean here?

Unfortunately , perhaps not too surprisingly, neither the Windows 10 or VirtualBox sources seem to have a solution that I can find. Google is defiantly not my friend.

Again, there is no clear problem..... and not sure what solution your are looking for.

Can anyone in Linux land be of help?

Thanks in advance,

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