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Re: why pdf file at archive.org is so slow to open

On Wed 14 Jul 2021 at 18:43:15 (+0800), loushanguan2015@sina.com wrote:

> [Zathura] has Continuous modebut it's slow,

I think it's slower to start than xpdf, but it doesn't grind to a halt
100 pages later.

> and it lacks gui, making it difficult to use

I can see the use for a mouse to cut and paste, or to pick a spot
for adding an annotation, but not for much else in a PDF /viewer/,
particularly when reading archived texts.

> i don't think gui components requires fast cpu

How fast will be made obvious by the speed with which the widgets
are drawn on your screen (which is presumably local, and not being
rendered by archive.org).

Leaving aside the political subthread (they seem to be infecting
several threads), this thread has listed a number of different PDF
viewers that are available in Debian. But I haven't seen any attempt
of your factoring out where your perceived slowness comes from: the
website, the viewer, or the method of delivery (downloading, or else
reading interactively across the internet).


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