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Re: ASTM Lab equipment protocol


On 09/07/2021 20:43, Markos wrote:

Em 09-07-2021 10:21, Rob van der Putten escreveu:

Which Debian packages support the ASTM lab equipment (over TCP) protocol? An overview would be nice.
Please, explain with more detail, and some example, what exactly are you looking for?

The sister of a friend is a vet. She has blood analyses equipment which sends analysis results to a serial port. Each brand and model has it's own protocol. Recently she acquired Skyla VB1. This device has both a serial port and Ethernet. It sends a ^A to the serial port, expects a ^F and then sends the data followed by a ^D, after which it expects an other ^F.
I did manage to get data from the device this way.

The device can also use the ASTM protocol. With ASTM it can also use Ethernet. Which is more practical. I could not find a free version of the ASTM standard. Apparently, there is some Linux software which supports ASTM, but what I could not find is a nice overview.


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