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Re: Suggested way to ssh into obsolete devices (with old ssh crypto)?

On Tue, Jul 06, 2021 at 05:30:27PM -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:


> > That's the attitude of authoritarian software: "my software is smarter
> > than you".
> I think the reality is a bit more subtle ;-)
> In most cases, the real driver is a desire to keep the code simple and
> to ease maintenance.  Removal of old, little used, and largely untested
> functionality is part of what can be done for that.

I'm aware of that. My critique was specific to the "we take it out
because it's dangerous to the user" part.


> My experience running old Debian packages of Emacs under Debian testing
> is not that bad.  Also, I think that if it's hard to do, it can be
> blamed on Debian's package management (which should move towards
> something more like NixOS to solve those problems).

I'm torn on this one... Sometimes I've the impression that this leads to
asocial software (i.e. nobody goes to any effort to make their software
compatible to reasonable ranges of library (and other dependencies's)

Akin to the Flatpaks and Snaps of this world, perhaps with a less horrible
dependencies management story).

 - t

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