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Re: How do I get back the GRUB menu with the blue background?


> Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2021 at 12:01 PM
> From: "David" <bouncingcats@gmail.com>
> To: "debian-user mailing list" <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Re: How do I get back the GRUB menu with the blue background?
> As I mentioned, I do not know GPT and UEFI systems.

It's off-topic; I am curious why you do not use GPT/UEFI/Secure Boot? Secure Boot has been supported since Debian Buster.

> However, I would expect that after you have successfully
> discovered where grub finds the grub file directory, and the
> kernel file and the initrd image, then it should be possible to
> execute a manual sequence of commands at the grub prompt like:
> grub> insmod part_gpt
> grub> insmod ext2
> grub> linux ... root= ...
> grub> initrd ...
> grub> boot
> That should boot into your installation. After that you will need to
> run 'grub-install', see below.
> If the insmod commands fail, that can mean the value of
> 'prefix' is incorrect. If you specify the full path that grub uses
> to refer to each file, then it isn't necessary to specify 'root'
> variable.
What did you mean by "prefix"? Would you like to elaborate?

> Doing that, grub should attempt to boot the specified files, perhaps
> giving further error messages as a clue to what might be
> wrong. Did you try this method?
No, I didn't.
> Yes I am aware of that method which can succeed. However
> I think you need to also run 'grub-install' in that situation to fix your
> problem, because 'update-grub' merely regenerates a grub.cfg file
> somewhere.
Thanks for your tip. I shall try it.
> You should check that target device and boot directory used
> by 'grub-install' are correct.
How do I go about doing it?

> Perhaps use -v and --boot-directory
> options to make sure that 'grub-install'
> does not reference anything inside your encrypted partition.
I don't know how to use the -v and --boot-directory options. Would you like to show me please?
> Without seeing the commands, I don't know what this refers to
> or why you would hold this view.
Sorry for the confusion. I looked up some Youtube video clips to see if they could provide me some tips on how to fix my issue.

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