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Re: make custom kernel

On 2021-07-04 16:26, David Wright wrote:
On Sat 03 Jul 2021 at 19:53:03 (+0100), mick crane wrote:
I've done it before but I've forgotten and the order.
What's the procedure for making a custom kernel?
Install linux headers
change to a "build" directory
make menu-config
make dep
make install
make clean

There used to be a kernel-package, which I used until about 15 years
ago when the kernels got too complex for me to bother. The last
version I've found is jessie's, and its manpages, docs and howtos may
be worth reading through.

That said, if customising your kernel is for fixing your room problem,
then I would exhaust all the other courses of action first.
(And I would investigate why your initrd files are /so/ large.)


How would you suggest I find out why initrd files are so big and how make it smaller? As I can make out the initrd image contains the modules it thinks are needed?
How to make it smaller without building new kernel ?

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