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Re: Whole Disk Encryption + SSD

On 7/1/21 7:55 PM, David Wright wrote:
On Mon 28 Jun 2021 at 13:36:35 (-0700), David Christensen wrote:

I do not set the 'discard' (trim) option in fstab(5).  If and when I
want to erase unused blocks (such as before taking an image), I use

Can you elaborate on a couple of things:

How do you "take an image". Is this equivalent to a conventional
dd if=/dev/sda …, or to some other process?

I wrote a script. To "take an image", the script invokes dd(1) and pipes the output to gzip(1), copying raw device octets to a file. To "restore an image", the process is reversed.

When I copy an entire conventional drive or partition, all the
free blocks/unused sectors are carefully transferred to the copy.

Same here.

What improvement does erasing unused blocks achieve?

Zero blocks are readily compressed, reducing the size of the image file.


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