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debian-user list info and guidelines (FAQ) - posted monthly

debian-user is a mailing list provided for support for Debian users,
and to facilitate discussion on relevant topics. 

Some guidelines which may help explain how the list works:

* The language on this mailing list is English. There may be other mailing 
  lists that are language-specific for example debian-user-french 

* It is common for users to be redirected here from other lists - for example,
  from debian-project. It is also common for people to be posting here when 
  English is not their primary language. Please be considerate.

* The list is a Debian communication forum. As such, it is subject to both 
  the Debian mailing list Code of Conduct and the main Debian Code of Conduct


* This is a fairly busy mailing list and you may have to wait for an
  answer - please be patient. Please post answers back to the list so
  others can benefit; private conversations don't benefit people who
  may be following along on the list or reading the archives later.

* Help and advice on this list is provided by volunteers in their own time.
  It is common for there to be different opinions or answers provided.

 * Please try to stay on topic. Arguments for the sake of it are not
   welcome here. Partisan political / religious / cultural arguments
   do not belong here either. Debian's community is world wide; don't
   assume others will agree with your views or need to read them on a
   Debian list.

* There is an FAQ on the Debian wiki derived from some questions asked on 
  this list at https://wiki.debian.org/FAQsFromDebianUser

* One question that comes up on almost all Debian lists from time to time 
  is of the form: 

  "I have done something wrong / included personal details in an email.
   Could you please delete my name / details / remove the mail"
Practically, this is impossible: the mailing lists are archived, potentially 
cached by Google and so on. Unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do to 
ensure that all copies anywhere on the Internet are deleted. Asking to do this
may only serve to draw further attention - the so-called "Streisand effect" 

Spam and unsolicited commercial email that doesn't belong on the list

Debian does have comparatively strong spam filters on the mailing lists:
listmasters will remove emails that are reported as spam. The easiest
way to report spam is by using the web interface to Debian mailing lists
below https://lists.debian.org

If you quote spam email in a reply, you may end up making the spam filters
less effective. If you respond to it on list, then it becomes part of the
list conversations forever. Replying to it with angry messages won't get 
back to the originators and does not help the ongoing fight against spam. 

See also: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ListMaster/ListArchiveSpam


Complaints about inappropriate behaviour should be referred to the
Debian Community Team <community@debian.org>.

Inappropriate behaviour on the list may lead to warnings; repeated bad
behaviour may lead to temporary or permanent bans for offenders.

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