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Re: Flash Drive suddenly read only?

On 2021-01-30 22:00, kaye n wrote:
Hello Friends!

When I plug in my usb flash drive to my desktop computer, I can edit
certain libreoffice calc files saved in that flash drive. But after I try
to copy several dbf files from the desktop computer hard drive to the flash
drive via the terminal, it says it's read only. When I open the calc files
again, they are now read only and cannot be edited.

The desktop is dual boot system, windows 7 and Debian 10.

If it matters, the dbf files in the desktop hard drive are always edited in
windows, then I sometimes log in to Debian and copy the desktop hard drive
dbf files onto my usb flash drive.   I cannot do that anymore, as stated
above. Even after rebooting or powering off.

First, back up your data.

When you respond to mailing list posts, please "reply to list".

Can you create files or save files on the USB drive using Windows?


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