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Re: About mouse settings

On Sat 30 Jan 2021 at 13:49:12 (-0500), reader wrote:
> Are there any tools that can set what each button or scrollwhere does?
> I have a mouse that when pressing scrollwheel will not paste.  I can
> think of no other mouse I've had that does not paste (in linux) when
> the scroll where is pressed (assuming something has been mouse scraped
> or copied in other ways)
> It's an oldish `Razor death adder 2013' I've had a good while but for
> one reason or another was put aside, probably a few years ago, and just
> in last few days pressed back into use when I happened on it a box of
> other computer junk.
> the failure to supply a paste function is quite annoying.

First check that it works by running xev and clicking in the white
square with each button. (^C to stop it running.)


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