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Re: Sudo ... use or delete?

On Vi, 29 ian 21, 13:23:19, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> THe chief benefit of sudo is that it makes seeing who did what much
> easier.  Imagine admin1 uses su to become root and admin2 uses su to
> become root.  At that point, it is not possible to tell who did what by
> looking at command history.  With sudo, the invoking user would be
> logged, which could help with troubleshooting and figuring out who to
> ask why some specific action was taken.

For me as sole user the benefits are added safety[1] for the ability to 
easily mix root and non-root commands as well as the convenience of 
running select commands without a password (e.g. 'apt update').

It also enables safe editing of system files via 'sudoedit' with my 
preferred editor fully configured, add-ons, etc.[2], as opposed to 
choosing between either running the editor as root (safety/security 
concerns and at least partial duplication of configuration) or using a 
lesser editor (that might be unsafe/vulnerable as well).

[1] arguably added security as well, since previously I might have kept 
a root shell open all the time.
[2] it does mangle filenames though, which may affect file type 

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