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Configuring Wacom one on debian (plasma or else [gnome,..])

Hi all,

I need to do the following   [ I am a teacher and I have some students in the room and others via web] :

Using  screen my laptop + a Wacom one tablet + a video projector screen. 

I need to  (using an HP zbook 15u G3 wich can use 3 screens with debian sid)
1)  sync the video projector screen  with  [ a part of ] my 'Wacom one' screen.
2) Map the stylus only to the Wacom one screen ( so i can see what I am writing by just llonking at my tablet)

So far I was able to do 1) but not 2) with plasma and 2) but not 1) with gnome. 

With plasma even with only 2 screens I was not able to get a correct mapping using kde-config-tablet ap (it always make it such that  moving the stylus on the all tablet will mean moving the pointer from the left of one screen to the right of the other ) I suspected it is bugged but maybe I am just stupid enough not to make it works...

With Gnome the mapping was correct (limited to the tablet) but I could not have anything else than an extended desktop, where the video projector's screen and the wacom's  screen are next to each other and not sync (nor overlapping) .

Pretty Please If someone know any solutions (on debian though... ) I am very willing to try (even with command line tool [xrandr?]) I desperately need this to work !



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