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Re: URL to source file

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 10:49:49AM +0100, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> tomas wrote:
> > https://sources.debian.org/src/units/2.18-1/definitions.units  
> It is still in some interface but good enough for a reference.
> Good enough for government work!


> So it is: https://sources.debian.org/src/ + package name +
> package version...

so far, so good (but see below for gotchas) ...

> ... + file name

... now this is more complicated. Note that you are looking at a
source package. Sometimes, the file gets just "copied over" to
somewhere else, as in your current case. Source and destination
paths... well. Look into the package's Makefiles and into the
debian subdir. Long story :-)

Sometimes, though, it's a .c file, which gets trampled on by a
stampede of compilers and linkers. Bits of its soul end up
scattered in various places of /usr/bin and/or /usr/lib.

Even the part with the package name is an oversimplification.
Many times, one source package gives birth to several binary
packages (e.g. a set of libraries usable by other packages
plus a set of basic binary utilities which go with those

But if you keep those caveats in mind, the above is a good

 - t

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