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[OT] Re: Upstream Default (FOSS) DDX Driver for NVidia GPUs is not Nouveau

On Wed 20 Jan 2021 at 21:17:30 (-0500), Felix Miata wrote:
> When I want TV I use a TV and remote controller and an easy chair or sofa, not a
> workchair and desk and rodent and keyboard and all the distractions of
> multitasking. My computers are general purpose tools for getting work done. Most
> videos are primarily time devouring entertainers, amusement.
> a (as first letter as affects meaning of word): anti or not
> muse: v: to think or ruminate upon.
> thus:
> amuse: literally not think or unthink

Ouch. It's derived from French: the à means to/at, not anti/without.


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