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Re: Add a hard drive to existing system??

On 17.01.2021 23:52, Jerry Mellon wrote:
New to Debian, but have gotten Debian 10.7 loaded on to my system. I
have an ASUS gaming laptop(dont use it for gaming) with 12gb of memory
and intel corei7 and a 500gb hard drive.

My question is what is the best(use dummy for linus statements please)
way to add a second hard drive with 2T of space. I wiil use this to
store photos and documents etc.


If you tell us exact model of your laptop, I'll look for information about possible storage upgrades.
Some laptops have internal compartments and different kinds of connectors (M.2, NGFF, SATA connectors with variety of form factors, etc.),
so upgrading storage could be possible by purchasing few extra parts, like flat cable and drive caddy, or in some cases just by installing extra drive as is.

Personally, I always prefer storage to be internal, because of the mobility, so I buy laptops only with possible future upgrades to storage in mind.
I also have external HDD in a case with USB 3.0 interface, which I bring along on rare occasions.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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