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Re: Add a hard drive to existing system??

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 01:52:06PM -0500, Jerry Mellon wrote:
> Hello,
> New to Debian, but have gotten Debian 10.7 loaded on to my system. I
> have an ASUS gaming laptop(dont use it for gaming) with 12gb of memory
> and intel corei7 and a 500gb hard drive.
> My question is what is the best(use dummy for linus statements please)
> way to add a second hard drive with 2T of space. I wiil use this to
> store photos and documents etc.

It is often hard to change the hardware on a laptop. Probably the easiest way
is to get an external disk with a USB interface, then plug the disk in when you
need to get/put files to the disk. 

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