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neomutt on Bullseye not retaining multipart/alternative MIME on forward

Hi All.                                                                 
Last month I upgraded this desktop from Buster to Bullseye.  It was a
fresh installation since something went wrong on that particular day
with 'apt dist-upgrade'.  Oh well.
Anyway, with the current neoumtt package whenever I forward an email
that is MIME encoded and has an HTML attachment wrapped in a
multipart/alternative MIME block, the HTML attachment is dropped.  The
message I am forwarding is to a local hobbyist mailing list and I was
notified by one of the list members a few weeks back that he could not
open the HTML mail as usual and my investigation has revealed the
problem began with the newest version of neomutt.  My ~/.mutt/muttrc is
unchanged since March 27, 2020 and this feature had worked without issue
for years until the upgrade to the neomutt version in Bullseye.

Here are the attachment views from the last message I forwarded prior to
the upgrade to Bullseye and the first one afterward.

This is the attachment view from my Sent folder of the forwarded message
as neomutt on Buster created the forwarded message:

I     1 <no description>                           [multipa/mixed, 7bit, 84K]
I     2 ├─><no description>              [text/plain, quoted, us-ascii, 0.2K]
I     3 └─>The ARRL Letter for November 19, 2020  [message/rfc822, 7bit, 83K]
I     4   └─><no description>                 [multipa/alternativ, 7bit, 81K]
I     5     ├─><no description>         [text/plain, quoted, iso-8859-1, 27K]
I     6     └─><no description>               [text/html, quoted, utf-8, 53K]
I     7 signature.asc                        [applica/pgp-signat, 7bit, 0.6K]

This is the attachment view from my Inbox folder of the same message as
received on November 19:

I     1 <no description>                      [multipa/alternativ, 7bit, 81K]
I     2 ├─><no description>               [text/plain, 7bit, iso-8859-1, 26K]
I     3 └─><no description>                   [text/html, quoted, utf-8, 54K]

Due to Thanksgiving in the USA, the next message was on December 3,
after upgrading to the version of neomutt in Bullseye.  Here is the
attachment view from my Sent folder:

I     1 <no description>                           [multipa/mixed, 7bit, 31K]
I     2 ├─><no description>              [text/plain, quoted, us-ascii, 0.2K]
I     3 └─>The ARRL Letter for December 3, 2020   [message/rfc822, 7bit, 30K]
I     4   └─><no description>                [text/plain, quoted, utf-8, 27K]
I     5 signature.asc                        [applica/pgp-signat, 7bit, 0.6K]

Notice the "multipa/alternativ" and "text/html" are omitted.

Here is the attachment view from my Inbox folder for the same December 3
message which is identical to the November 19 messagei in terms of MIME

I     1 <no description>                      [multipa/alternativ, 7bit, 82K]
I     2 ├─><no description>               [text/plain, 7bit, iso-8859-1, 27K]
I     3 └─><no description>                   [text/html, quoted, utf-8, 54K]

I cannot discern a change in the received messages MIME blocks, so the
issue must reside with neomutt in my estimation.

I can "bounce" the message to one of my private accounts and the HTML
attachment is received just fine and can be viewed in Evolution.  When I
try to bounce the message to the list it must get dumped by the mail
handling system along the line as it never even appears in the
moderation queue, so this isn't an option.

As for MIME handling in my muttrc I have:

set mime_forward="ask-no"
# unset mime_forward_decode

which are unchanged for years, and, yes, I do answer the question with
'y' when I want to forward with MIME attachments.
My scanning of the neomutt documentation hasn't revealed anything.  I
thought I'd ask here before subscribing to their mailing list.

- Nate


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