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Re: Problems with loadlin.exe

El 2020-12-29 16:48, Andrew M.A. Cater escribió:
On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 09:19:58PM +0000, shadowmaker@logorroici.org wrote:
El 2020-12-26 16:18, Andrew M.A. Cater escribió:
> On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 04:05:50PM +0000, shadowmaker@logorroici.org
> wrote:
> > Hello everybody:
> > I am new to this forum, but not to GNU/Linux. I am in a Windows 10
> > Machine
> > with an AMD x64 architecture. I am unable to install from a distro
> > image
> > (firmware-10.7.0-amd64-netinst.iso) because loadlin.exe is not working
> > anymore in my OS. I want to dual boot the computer, but I am not
> > sure of how
> > to do it. I tried installing the OS from the USB. Everything was OK,
> > but the
> > system didn't boot... It was weird because I solved all the problems
> > that it
> > gave to me: a problem loading "uefi:db x.509 certificate (-65)" that
> > was
> > fixed by disabling Fast Boot and Secure Boot (it is impossible to
> > use Legacy
> > mode in new computers). There was a problem with IOMMU that was fixed
> > disabling it too. Now I want to try to install it from the Windows
> > system to
> > avoid the weird problems it gave because of GRUB (I had GRUB already
> > installed and it conflict somehow with the other installed by Debian).
> > Please, help me!!!
> > Thanks in advance ;)

> Reenable Secure Boot - Debian 10 should be able to boot with Secure Boot
> now.

I tried with it reenabled but it didn't work.

> How was Windows installed initially - if it was installed in UEFI mode
> and you are attempting to boot Debian in legacy mode, it will fail and
> vice versa.

The computer doesn't have a Legacy mode. All the OS are installed under the

> What had you installed previously using Grub?

Nothing important. Windows.

> Are you booting from a USB stick?

I installed from a USB stick. Now the Debian is in my disk

> How did you write the Debian image to the USB stick?

I used Win32DiskImager

> Do you know what firmware your system is likely to need?

The PCI. I have a GPU so maybe that's why it doesn't load the desktop.

OK - So you now have a working Windows system and a part installed Debian.
I would suggest that you install the firmware-linux-nonfree and
firmware-misc-nonfree packages to get firmware onto the machine.

The first time I used an image without non-free firmware. It nothing worked and I had the same problem. With this version with firmware it gives no errors, but the OS doesn't begin (as I said the GRUB works and the rescue mode gives no errors. The only thing that keeps wrong is the pci, that shows unknown messages... I will try with the packages you've said an retry.

Other question... How do I write to the ext4 filesystem without a GNU system? I have some .deb packages I want to install (downloaded from the AMD webpage) and I don't know to mount it in the rescue-mode (I try with the `sudo mount /dev/sda1` but it was unable to mount it. I tried with `umount` too.

What GPU do you have?

It's an AMD Radeon Vega Graphics

In the install, are you sure that you selected a desktop. If you are not sure, then, as root, execute the command tasksel and see which desktop is selected.

I think GNOME was correctly installed... I will check as you say.

All the very best,

Andy C

Thanks for your answer :)

Happy hacking!

> Getting a Windows system to dual boot Debian is (relatively)
> straightforward but knowing the answer to some of the above questions
> may help us narrow down useful suggestions as to what to try next.
> All the very best, as ever,
> Andy

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