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Re: running microsoft team on debian 10.3

Dan Hitt <dan.hitt@gmail.com> writes:

> Does anybody have any experience using Microsoft Team on debian, and is there anything i need to be cautious about
> (of course apart from running software from a giant software company)?

I use Teams at work everyday, on a Dell laptop which has an integrated
camera, with Ubuntu bionic (18.04), with an USB headset.  I have
experienced crashes from the "heavy client" (the .deb provided by
Microsoft), but the web-based Teams works very well (I use Chrome for
it, but I think Firefox works equally well).  Enabling video (to show my
face) and audio works without problem.  I routinely share my screen,
which works well apart from occasional glitches.

The most annoying thing for me is that each time I join a meeting I have
to switch (on GNOME Settings / sound) the audio input and output to a
different device and back to my headset, so I have the habit of having
GNOME Settings kept open the whole day; otherwise I don't have sound.

Hope this helps.


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