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Re: running microsoft team on debian 10.3

On 2020-12-08 22:37, Dan Hitt wrote:
One of the local government agencies that i would like to interact with communicates using Microsoft Team.  The software actually has a debian package, which i have downloaded, but not installed yet.

I have a computer running debian 10.3, but it does not have a web cam or a mic.

So presumably i need to set up both of those items to make this work.

Does anybody have any experience using Microsoft Team on debian, and is there anything i need to be cautious about (of course apart from running software from a giant software company)?

Any advice about the web cam or mic?

TIA for any pointers.


Any of the Logitech cameras with an integrated mic should work fine. They are readily available, reliable and reasonably priced. I've been using them for years without problems.

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