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Re: VPN ideas

> I suppose it may depend on where you are. In the UK, public wifi
> normally uses no encryption, because there are no local staff who can
> help with problems. So any unencrypted protocol you use can be
> overheard.

Around here we have a mix:

- for small businesses (like coffeehouses or family-owned businesses),
  it's typically WPA-PSK with the password displayed somewhere like at
  the bottom of the menu, on the bathroom door, you name it (and/or
  given upon request).

- for more "corporate" environments, it's typically an open wifi with
  a "portal" where they get to show some advertisement and collect
  email addresses.

Supposedly with WPA other machines connected to the same wifi can't see
your traffic, but often enough the AP is likely easy to hack into, so
it's safer to assume that your network packets are easy for someone
to see.

Nevertheless, I largely agree with Andrei that this is but a small part
of the potential attacks.


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