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Re: VPN ideas

On Ma, 08 dec 20, 11:44:36, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Lu, 07 dec 20, 23:27:25, ellanios82 wrote:
> >  Hi List   :)
> > 
> > 
> >  - any suggestions please , for a handy VPN for everyday use : no specific
> > purpose, but only to add a little more privacy ??
> This is quite vage. VPNs are generally used for two purposes:
> 1. Connect a remote system (e.g. a laptop) to the "home" network
>    (home server, company network, etc.).
Or connect two remote company or home networks, of course. The rest 
still stands.

>    This is its originally intended use. Once the VPN tunnel is 
>    configured one can work remotely as if directly connected to the 
>    "home" network (barring speed penalties).
>    This is especially useful in case some of the used services should 
>    never be exposed to the internet (e.g. NFS or Samba).
> 2. Access the internet from a different point in the world
>    This done for some increase in privacy[1] and/or to pretend you are 
>    in a different location (country) and/or to hide your traffic from 
>    your ISP.
>    Unless you have access to a system on the internet to set up your own 
>    VPN server you have to rely on (paid) VPN providers.
>    Tor is also an option for this use case.
> Which of the above would apply for you?
> >  - and , is this a reasonable idea ?
> Depends on the use case (see above) and/or your country and/or your ISP, 
> internet connection speed, VPN provider etc.
> [1] a VPN will just hide your public IP address and the traffic between 
> you and the exit point. It doesn't do anything about your browser user 
> agent, cookies and many other methods you can still be identified and 
> traced on the internet, if this is what you are worried about.
> Kind regards,
> Andrei
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Kind regards,

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