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Installing Buster (improvements)


today I installed Buster on my laptop.

As usual it ran very well (at the end). But I would like to suggest the follwing improvements to the Graphical install:

a) At some point the process informed me, that a firmware module is missing and asked whether I would like to supply it from a disk, a USB stick or from the net. As I had this module from another installation on a USB stick I stuck it into the laptop. The install process did not even look at it; it was looking only for network devices.

b) Before I started the installation I defined a partition of 150GB on the disk (SSD) for Debian. At some point in the process the system informed me that I did not provide a swap partition (I had hoped the installation process would allocate that automatically from the space provided) and asked whether I want to define that partition. As there was some room left on the disk I was ready to do it. The system asked for the data of where that partition should lie in terms of 'cylinder/sector/head' (or something like it). Now usually I am not concerned with this type of data and even more so as I was installing debian on an SSD. As there was no way I could solve this problem directly I had to abort the installation, define the swap partition and restart the installion process.

Couldn't that be done more user friendly? Especially in view of the fact that I assume  that Graphical Install is not supposed to be an Expert installation.

c) When entering the passwords for root and for the user there are always two lines: one for entering the password, the other where one clicks if one wants to see the password.

I suggest that these two line be switched: the first  for the selection for seeing the password, the second for entering the password.  Again a little increase in user friendlyness.



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