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Re: OT (for the debian-list): Re: [Rosegarden-user] Questions about audio playback and MIDI connections

On 06/30/2020 10:16 AM, rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
(Intentionally cross posted)

This reply is to Debian List
 with BCC to OP so he would have my email address

The following quotes are from an email to a rosegarden mail list -- Rosegarden
is a music notation (mcow) program.

A user is describing a problem in which it appears the MIDI ports (connected
via USB ports) change on each boot (or ...

If a similar problem does exist with USB ports, is there a way to force them
to be identified in a consistent way on each boot (i.e., something like using
UUIDs or labels for disks)?

Just to clarify, USB connected FLASH can be connected in a random order.
Therefore that *MAY* {or may not ;} be source of the problem.

For us non-musical Debian users, we need:
  1. informational links to Rosegarden and mcow
  2. what is the end user's computer and OS
     A classically trained musician friend with a BSEE degree and a long
     time Windows user recently bought an Apple based midi system --
     he is seeing things he doesn't understand and it got complicated
     due to communication problems (human->human) due to COVID19.
  3. what is the midi hardware (URL to tech description)

My introduction [>50 yrs ago] to cross-discipline communication was trying to explain to a PHD biochemist why he needed to provide an order of magnitude larger sample for an NMR analysis that he had to provide for a mass spec analysis. Then there was trying to explain the concept of gain-bandwidth product to a chemistry post-doc when I was only a BSEE undergrad.

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