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Re: update-alternatives - was [Re: Installing/launching MATE in a command line environment]

On 06/29/2020 09:12 AM, davidson wrote:
On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 Richard Owlett wrote:
On 06/28/2020 09:36 AM, echo test wrote:

If you want the desktop environment to be started automatically
check that systemd is configured to run in graphical environment

  $> systemctl set-default graphical.target

If this is already setup, and you can launch your DE with startx,
check also that mate is the default DE with update-alternatives(8)
or you can add the startx command in /etc/profile.

That manpage was intriguing, if not educational. I went searching
for "update-alternatives tutorials". They all referenced Ubuntu and
each covered only one instance.

I'm looking for something that aims to answer "What can
update-alternatives do for me today?".

Have you reviewed any notes regarding what it did for you yesterday?

Yesterday's problems stemmed from installing mate-desktop-environment rather than task-mate-desktop ;{

If so inclined, you could review the thread which begins with this

  To: debian-user
  Subject: Configuring WebHTTrack as I WANT
  From: Richard Owlett
  Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018

That problem and this week's problems are only loosely related.
I consider the Debian installer has a design flaw in that it does not allow me to install _*ONLY*_ packages required by an explicit depends - it insists on installing some undesirable "recommended" packages.
I've abandoned that fight for the time being.


For a general overview, I would be hard pressed to improve on the
second and third paragraph above.

I was pointed to [ https://wiki.debian.org/DebianAlternatives ] which, especially with its internal links, spoke to me.


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