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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

On Fri, 26 Jun 2020 15:41:13 -0400
Dan Ritter <dsr@randomstring.org> wrote:


> To give an idea of what you might buy:
> a firewall/router
> a switch
> a load-balancer
> 2 web servers
> a database server
> a mail server
> a general utility box with lots of storage to handle backups
> All of those duties except the switch can reasonable be run on
> Debian servers. 

I'm curious, although I don't know much about, and have little
experience with, enterprise hardware. Am I correct in my understanding
that it is actually possible to run (more-or-less) Debian on a switch
by using OpenSwitch (OPX) on an Open Networking switch. I have no idea
if this would be cost-effective in the OP's situation - basic switches
are certainly a whole lot cheaper than the ones I looked at on the


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