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Re: WINE vs Virtual Machine for Windows app on Buster

* On 2020 27 Jun 05:48 -0500, manish tripathi wrote:
> Thank you for the responses. I was looking for a general purpose
> solution...I can safely assume that VM soln may mostly work, while the same
> may not be guaranteed with use of WINE.

IME, Qemu has various issues with Windows guests, such things as the
mouse cursor not being able to go to certain desktop edges after a time
of running.  I found VirtualBox was much better suited for Windows
guests but VB is not a part of Buster or Bullseye in the main
repositories so I had to install the packages made available by Lucas
Nussbaum for Buster: https://people.debian.org/~lucas/virtualbox-buster/

> Can one also explain about the malware that may impact my Linux/Buster, in
> case I use a VM for running my Windows app and what can I do to minimise
> such impact.

Someone may have better information, but it seems to me that the VM is
rather well sandboxed whether Qemu or VB.  If there are shared folders
then malware could have access to those files and the network.
Certainly, anything/everything in the VM could be compromised.
VirtualBox has the feature of snapshots so that a VM could be rolled
back to a known (suspected?) good state.

- Nate


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