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Re: WINE vs Virtual Machine for Windows app on Buster

* On 2020 27 Jun 03:59 -0500, manish tripathi wrote:
> Can someone advise if a VM is a better option than using WINE, to run a
> application built on Windows OS on Debian/Buster. Open to other suggestions
> as well.

My experience is that it depends on the application and what Windows
calls it makes and what libraries it depends on.  I try an old Windows
program named Morse Runner on occasion in Wine and the sound is
generally distorted and broken whereas it works fine on a real Windows
OS.  I also used another program named N1MM+ that will play .WAV files
in Wine and its audio is smooth.  N1MM+ is a .Net application and that
is troublesome in Wine but it can be made to work.  I have tried
programs that rely on later versions of .Net and given up.

Try Wine and if it's satisfactory, stick with it.  All you lose is a bit
of time and you can gain some "experience"!

- Nate


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