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Re: How long will this take?

Quoted lines resequenced for my convenience in responding.

On Friday, June 26, 2020 07:37:57 PM Seeds Notoneofmy wrote:
> I struggle to understand the difference between the two subject lines
> that merits their different treatment.

> The subject line in this thread is: "How long will this take?"

This (the above) subject line is not very good, but at least it gives a hint 
that it  probably is, or at least could be, computer related.

> Recently I posted here with the subject line: "have you seen this
> inside..."

This gives no hint that it is computer related, and sounds very spammy, like 
the subject lines that many of us run into, trying to get us to open an email 
that has subject matter we are absolutely not interested in.
> And I was lectured by no fewer than three people.

Not I, said the spider to the fly

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