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Re: I can't figure it out

please Read and absorb this: https://www.debian.org/code_of_conduct

On 6/26/20 8:20 AM, Peter Ehlert wrote:
1. use a Subject that indicates your actual Question.

2. add comments to that original post

3. give some actual details about the Hardware and Software you are using.

*if I was not really bored this morning I would completely ignore some wild "I can't figure it out" post.

I Suggest you start over with a Fresh post

(this is my only effort I will make to drag it out of you, that kind of statement tells me you are being a PRICK)


On 6/25/20 4:58 PM, bw wrote:
I've posted 5,000 messages on this list about how to hook up my
refrigerator to my ancient 386sx computer with 512k of ram.  I don't
understand why I keep posting and everybody gets mad.  I say I use debian but I admit I cheat a little and install some other crap and I'm not gonna
tell you what unless you drag it out of me.

Can anybody yhelp fix it?

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