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Re: [External] Re: No Dual Monitors on AMD Ryzen 7 Pro + Radeon Graphics

Curtis Tucker1 wrote: 
> No output in "~/.local", but I'll keep that in mind for future reference.  I am starting to see that directory used more often, eg, fonts.
> Looking at the log in "/var/log", is loads the Radeon module, but then unloads it because it cannot find the right chipset on the board.  The same for the fallback "fbdev/fbdevhw" because it could not find a framebuffer.  Finally, it settles on "int10", makes a call into BIOS to initialize the GPU display as VESA with extensions VBE.  Next it starts to configure other associated devices/components, ie, events, kb, touch screen, camera, etc., & hands over to udev control of HDMI/DP & HD audio/digital because it couldn't find any drivers.
> BTW:  I posted this question before I discovered that there was no xorg.conf.

OK. The driver you actually want is "amdgpu", not "radeon" and
definitely not VESA.

Set that in xorg.conf and you should have full access to all
your screens.


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