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Re: Zoom- best practice?

tomas@tuxteam.de (12020-06-09):
> Can we stop that already? Nobody proved you can't build Jitsi or
> BBB from source. Everyone here is just too friggin' lazy to even
> try.
> Can we give 'em the benefit of the doubt until someone really makes
> his hands ditry on that?

You can be naïve and give them the benefit of the doubt. But I will not.
Jitsi is a big project, it claims the reputation benefits of being Libre
Software: the onus of proof is on it.

I will state and repeat: until we see actual reliable proof, claiming
that Jitsi is Libre Software is wrong.

> That's how fake news spread, btw.
> I think it's somewhat disgusting. Folks, put up... or shut up now.

Your attempt at irrational shaming is dishonest.


  Nicolas George

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