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Re: Firefox over JACK in Debian Testing

On 6/6/2020 11:25 PM, riveravaldez wrote:
Hi, here's the thing:

AFAIK Firefox lacks JACK support (in the sense that you can start
JACK and then Firefox and then, automatically, all I/O audio-ports
Firefox generated, appear as available JACK connections, let's say)

Is there any Debian package that can serve this purpose?
I have a JACK setup that runs all audio through Ardour so I can perform compression and EQ either system-wide or per-application. I accomplish this by using pulseaudio.

If JACK is already running when pulseaudio starts, pulseaudio will create a single JACK sink and JACK source that redirects audio to/from a matching JACK source/sink.

I then use the following script to create additional sinks in PA that each have an independent source in JACK:


exec pactl load-module module-jack-sink \
  client_name=pulse_sink_"$1" \
  connect=no \

Run like "./make-jack-sink music" which gives me a "music" PA sink connected to the "music" JACK source.

You don't automatically get a JACK port per audio stream, but you can make as many separate PA sinks as your system can handle and use the PA volume control application to switch audio streams between different PA sinks (and therefore JACK sources).

Then you can wire everything up on the JACK side, as usual.

Chris Howie

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