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Re: Problem Installing Debian


not an expert border less ness

could you ask someone to install latest Debian + Mate Desktop + orca?

or alternative: have someone prepare a linux boot stick with Debian 10
live iso mate image


(should run out of the box without setup on most systems but bios
settings might need to be modified in order to boot it, try f12 during boot)

imho orca is a gui application can only be used after a desktop was

do you have a desktop gui installed?

mate is pretty simple and orca comes pre installed

when mate is running open a terminal (as non root user)

orca -s

will open up orca setup dialog with all kinds of settings

restart firefox

and it will start reading webpages
On 6/6/20 10:48 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

john doe, le sam. 06 juin 2020 08:24:32 +0200, a ecrit:
On 6/5/2020 11:56 PM, Analis Dannen wrote:
Orca will not respond when I try to navigate the installer.  It
simply says the name of the program and that is about it.
AIUI, you are trying to install Debian from the live CD.  Accessibility
is not supported in that case yet.  Please use an installation CD, not a
live CD, and type 's' when the boot menu beeps, to get into a
speech-enabled installation process.



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