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Re: Problem Installing Debian

On 6/5/2020 11:56 PM, Analis Dannen wrote:
This is Analis Dannen. I really want to replace my crappy windows
operating system with Debian. As a blind user, I rely on ORCA Screen
Reader to get around in Debian. Well, I have an issue. Orca will not
respond when I try to navigate the installer. It simply says the name
of the program and that is about it. Here is what I have tried.
Enabling the root account through the terminal
After root is enabled, logging out of the live session then logging back in
Logging into the root account only to find that ORCA does not seem to be there
I desperately need your help. Please respond to this Email as soon as
possible. Thank you very much!

It is unclear to me what issue(s) you are having:
- How did you install Debian?
- What release of Debian did you install?

CCing Debian accessibility.

John Doe

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